Hard Money Loans

Lincoln Equity Inc is a private mortgage lender supported by the financial strength of many members, including high-net-worth individuals, institutions, and pension funds and financial partner. Founded in 2006 by experienced real estate fix and flipper and mortgage brokers. Lincoln Equity has become one of the largest private bridge lenders in the California market for a long time. Now, we are starting to lend nationwide. Lincoln Equity Inc. is lending on both commercial and residential properties throughout the nation.

Commercial real estate and residential transactions can move quickly. When traditional banks are unable to provide financing in time, a hard money loan can be the right solution. With a hard money loan, you get the funding you need when you need it. So if you require cash in a hurry, the loan specialists at Lincoln Equity Inc in Orange County, CA have got you covered.

Private Funding When You Need It
A hard money loan is a type of loan used to purchase an income-producing property when commercial banks aren’t able to provide financing. At Lincoln Equity Inc , we’re your source for hard money loans in Orange County CA. We offer the private funding options you need to acquire your investment property; and because we work differently than a bank, we’re able to offer a quick, hassle-free closing.

Up To 80/20 Financing Available
Call Lincoln Equity Inc in Orange County, CA today to learn more about our hard money loans and find out whether private funding is the right option for you.